By identifying women and girls who are diverse and innovative problem-solvers and sharing their story of impact, Women@TheFrontier provides global Inspiration, public Education, and community Connection with the ultimate goal to Balance the Role Model Ratio.
In 2017, in partnership with Singularity University, we launch a new campaign: Game-Changer 365 #GC365. Our goal? To feature 1 female trailblazer every day for 365 days of the year.

#GC365  The Game-Changers

Help us discover the women and girls who merit global recognition as transformative change-agents.

Name Your Game-Changer!  

Here are the 5 criteria to nominate your #GC365 today.

  1. Female: Identifies as a woman or girl
  2. Maker/Discoverer: Creates or uncovers an idea, innovation, invention, product, or breakthrough
  3. Global Problem Solver: Uses science and/or technology to rebuild our world for the better and solve challenges on a global scale
  4. Inspirational: Merits “Role Model” status for her unique work or voice
  5. Pioneer: Presents fresh ideas, work, research, or discovery that is at the forefront of her industry

#GC365  Partners