W@F Team

Women@TheFrontier is an international team of doers- dreamers- disruptors. Our mission is to tap into the world’s undiscovered idea-makers through our own unique “Find, Fuel, Fund” model. We are the platform amplifying the impact of a new generation of change-agents. Together, we share the story of amazing Women Role Models.

Susan Fonseca
W@F Founder | CEO

Amy Hyatt Fonseca
W@F Co-Founder | Managing Editor
Carolyn Fonseca
W@F Director | Research & Evaluation
James Andrews
True Story | Ebola Deeply
Board of Directors
Sandra de Castro Buffington
Board of Directors
Kausar Samli
Glycosensors and Diagnostics
Board of Directors
Darnell Lattal
Aubrey Daniel’s International
Board of Directors
Ray Kurzweil
Google | Singularity U | KurzweilAI
Board of Advisors
Kay Koplovitz
USA Network | SyFy Channel | Springboard Board
Board of Advisors
Jay Faires
Band of Outsiders | JFE | Mammoth Records
Board of Advisors
Rich Demato
The Workshop
Board of Advisors
Ayesha Khanna
Civic Incubator | Points of Light
Board of Advisors

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Conversation with Ray Kurzweil

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